Each year that the #oneword posts start to fill up my twitter stream I am in awe of how sharply focused folks can be at the turn on the calendar page.  To be honest, I have usually dragged my feet a bit when it came to proclaiming the word that I would pronounce as IT for the rest of the year.  I guess it’s just been hard to make up my mind; I’ve found it difficult to boil it all down.  However, I persist…

As an educator, I feel like my year runs August to May, not January to December.  Choosing a word halfway through the year seems a bit half baked…and what a year this has been.  Instead of the smooth transition from summer to school we got Harvey.  I have found myself working through the new or unknown more times than I can count and in every way measurable this has just been a different kind of year.  As I reflect on my first half experience and couple that with several spring semester changes on the horizon, I have arrived at my #oneword.


I’ve always felt that I am the best version of me when I wrap my arms around that task in front of me and welcomed the new.  If the this school year has taught me anything, it’s that new is what I’m going to continue to welcome.

So, bring it on 2018.  I’m ready for you, with open arms.