Owl Pellets


4th graders on the patio. Talk about excitement!


Field Day


*this was done completely on my iPhone, I would love to see kids do the same.

Field Day!

Ask just about anyone about their memories of elementary school and chances are that person will quickly reference field day.  What is it about this day that leaves such an impression?  Is it a day the represents the school year coming to a close?  Does it feel like the antithesis of “school” in some ways?  Is it the scarring experience of seeing your teachers in shorts?  Any way you slice it field day is special, not only to the kids on the day it happens, but to their lasting impression of being a child at Condit.  It’s going to be hot and we are all going to be exhausted when the day is done, but as an adult lucky enough to experience field day again I plan on slowing down a bit today and reflecting on the occassion.