Knowing when it’s time

Greetings Condit parents!  I suspect that when you find a few minutes to read this edition of Cat Chat you will be either knee deep in preparations for your winter break or knee deep in winter holiday celebrations.  In either case, you will likely find some time to relax and reflect upon what 2015 has brought you and what 2016 has in store.

I was participating in an edchat on twitter last week around the ideas of change and at one point I posted to the twitterverse that recognizing when change is necessary is a critical skill set.  With this in mind, I want you to consider the following question: how do you know when it is time for a change?  Perhaps your answer to that question is among this list:

  1. When something is no longer working.  You’ve probably heard someone say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results.  When what we’ve been doing isn’t getting the job done, it’s time to do something different.  To put it in school friendly terms – if the systems that you use for getting homework done are ineffective, it’s time to get a new system, right?
  2. When you feel like you’re stuck in a rut.  Shaking things up can sometimes be a good thing.  Carry your books to school in a different backpack, eat your lunch in a different order, or maybe even change up your hairstyle 🙂  If dealing with change is, indeed, a critical skill set then we need to help our young people deal with change in a safe way.  Switching from peanut butter & jelly to a turkey sandwich may not seem like much, but it’s best to start small if you want to go this route.
  3. When the writing’s on the wall.  The world around us is often full of all the clues we need to tell us when it’s time to make a change.  Helping students to recognize the signs that it’s time to travel in a different direction will serve them well as they get older.  A classic example is taking a good look at your peer group – do your friendships benefit you and help you to grow in a positive way, or would that friendship best be characterized as the reason you are usually in trouble?

Think about this idea I read last week: Ships don’t sink because the water around them, ships sink because of the water that gets IN them.  Don’t let what’s happening around you get inside you and weigh you down.

Change is often hard.  Recognizing when change is necessary can be even harder.  Being a leader means knowing when a change needs to happen, being proactive about making that change, and owning the results.  At the end of the day it’s not about what is around you, it’s about what you let in to influence your decisions.  

Enjoy your 2 weeks off.  Rest, relax, recharge, and I’ll see you in January #conditproud.