Customs, customized

Have you ever wondered what the cultural celebrations in Peru are like? El Salvador? Norway? I know a class of 5th graders who will be able to answer these questions later this month.




Practical problem solving before an extended thanksgiving break. Perfect 🙂

First Next Then Last


Interested in what 1st graders do on thanksgiving? I learned what some of these kids do first, next, then, last. Juicy turkey? You bet. Delicious dinner? Check. Sequencing is such an important skill and it is great to see these foundations at work this morning.

Oh, the possibilities…


This is what I love to see. Let’s start with the set up, SMART board wall-mounted and a overhead mounted projector that allows full movement around the board. Notice who is touching the board..the student! The teacher in this picture is in a coaching role which is ideal. Three cheers for our awesome computer lab.