Being a little different

The first time I heard about Kid President was during a meeting about two years ago. At the meeting we were shown this video entitled Pep Talk as a way to get us to think differently, or as Kid President would say, be awesome. Since then Kid President has gone viral making several other videos and even creating his own twitter feed.

Last week Kid President sent out this tweet: If you want to make things a little different, you have to be a little different. Since it has been retweeted over one thousand times it appears I’m not the only person who this quote resonated with. If you remember the Apple Inc. campaign from several years ago – think different – you might recall the way the company used pictures of eminent individuals that changed the way we thought about their field. People such as Jim Henson, Jane Goodall, Albert Einstein, and John Lennon were some of the people featured in these ads. Each of them just a little different and every one of them changed the way we looked at the world.

So what are we doing differently at Condit this year? Lots! In some cases we are being a little different by intention and in others by necessity.

  • We are engaging parents differently. We have begun using Livingtree this year to communicate with parents. Teachers are easily able to share pictures, reminders, announcements, and materials that will allow parents to interact with our school in a whole new way. Did I mention that Livingtree has instant translation for over 40 languages? If you’re not on it yet, contact your teacher and get on it now!
  • We are starting our day in kindergarten differently. Kinder Launch happens each morning in the cafeteria; all five kinder classes participate in the pledges, listen to the announcements, and have a quick conversation with an administrator about one of the seven habits that create the foundation of our Leader in Me program. I have to tell you, there’s no better way to start the day than talking about beginning with the end in mind with my youngest students.
  • We are sending information out differently. We have gone paperless in many ways this year – we have replaced the monthly newsletter with an electronic version, we have removed most of the flyers from our Wednesday folder and have them available for you to download, and we are making use of call-outs, text messages, and Livingtree to push out timely information that we had previously used paper for.
  • We are delivering enrichment classes differently. PE in the cafeteria, Art on a cart, and thinking maps in the Library are just a few changes we have had the opportunity to make due to the slight space squeeze we are experiencing in preparation for the new building. Coach Johnson, Ms. Camero, and Ms. Silva are up for the challenge and have created some unique class experiences for our students.

At Condit we are doing things differently, we’re mixing things up and keeping things fresh. We are looking for the best way to engage our students and parents. As Kid President would say, we are doing our best to be awesome.