Morning journal

What is your favorite number?
If you could be an animal what animal would you be?
Astronauts are awesome because???
Fall makes me think of???

Otis important to start your day off with. good question. I like how these questions ask students to make a personal connection as well.


Co teaching…


…with a student! Mrs. Schultz co-taught a lesson with one of her students about a hornet nest. Pretty cool to hear a student teach the class about something that they were able to learn about via a family friend, even cooler to see a real hornet nest up close.

Check out our hallway art


If you haven’t seen the portraits, quilts, and sea creatures in our hallways make it a point to look for them as you make your way around the hallways. The arts are such an important part of an enriched elementary education, it’s great to see our Condit Cats produce! See if you can figure out the common theme.

Why I am lucky

I consider it good fortune that I get to walk the halls and classrooms of Condit each day and see students in the learning process. 3rd grade class outside doing a science experiment, check. Art teacher working with a student to improve reading fluency, check. Kindergarten students involved in workstations including the writing and science center, check. 2nd grade class working with math manipulatives in small groups, check.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at open house this week.