Who wouldn’t want to find this waiting at their desk on day one?




Seven years ago Scott McLeod called for school leaders to blog about what effective school technology leadership looks like, or to share perspectives in that area.  When his call for bloggers started I was teaching 7th and 8th graders in Plano, TX and short seven years later I find myself beginning my first full year as a school principal in Houston, TX.  I feel like my perspective has remained the same, even if my job title has not.  I believe that technology integration is a non-negotiable and I continue to work hard to make sure educational technology is a normal part of school each day.  In general, I believe that school administrators should work tirelessly to ensure conditions where teachers have all they need and students are able to thrive.  While I believe school leaders should model technology integration, it is far more important to make devices and connectivity available for every learner in the building so we can all model what it means to be connected learners.  There was a time when integrating technology into the classroom was new, fresh, and a break from the norm, however we have moved far beyond that.  What was once a luxury is now a necessity, what was once an extra, is now a standard.  I look forward to the 2013-2014 school year and seeing the new ways our teachers will craft experiences that allow their students to interact with technology in order to further their learning and build their skills as digital citizens.