My kind of math


First grade + workstations + SMART board = awesome


Let the film making begin


This morning 5th graders were able to visit with the folks from Aurora Picture Show as they begin the process of making their own films. Bringing in experts and professionals from a given field is an important part of making real world connections to the products we create here at Condit. Kudos to the 5th grade teachers for helping students make these connections. As always, thank you Houston Young Audiences for helping to make this visit possible. I can’t wait to see the finished films this Spring.

Reading = snow balls


Are you interested in a snowball fight in Houston? The weather is not likely to cooperate but if you are a 3rd grader at Condit reading 450 minutes in two weeks will earn you a genuine snowball fight. A big thanks to the parents who brought in the snow and lots of credit to the 3rd graders who hit those books!

Their tails do what?


After a small lizard that was found in the hallway this morning and a small accident in the capturing process Ms. Tomlinson’s class had an impromptu discussion about why a tail moves once it is separated from the body. Proving once again, you never know what you will have the opportunity to learn at Condit!

What I learned walking down the main hallway

Lots of second graders are resolving to remember their papers.
Mrs. Tomlinson and her second graders cover similar length when taking ‘giant steps’.
You can read all about Camp just by looking at Ms. Cornejo’s door.
Weathering, deposition, and erosion happen on our playground.
There is a meteorology science box that volunteers can sign up for.


Quick! Find something in the room that measures a millimeter, centimeter, decimeter, and meter. That catch is you any use any standard measuring device. Do you think this is tough? Ms. Pieri’s class had no trouble and they were using a dime, their pinky, and their palm! Making measurement real is an important part of making it stick.

Designing flowers


Take your colors, shapes, critically listening skills, and a little creativity and…PRESTO you have a flower. I had a great time watching kinder kids use all these skills to put together an accurate depiction of an oral description. The best part: watching them turn their flower’s over at the same time to see how close they came 🙂