How do you celebrate a fantastic math score? With math stars, of course! Check out all the celebrations this class has had this year. How great would it feel to walk past that everyday?



I’ve seen what this activity looks like when it’s on a worksheet and it is NOWHERE near as meaningful to the student. We could make a list of all the ways this activity had more meaning to the student and likely engaged them in a way the copied, canned activity would not have. Call it an authentic product if you like, I just call it better.



I have been getting through Multipliers by Liz Wiseman in small bites, and I was flipping back through my kindle highlights and I came across a piece that strikes me as more profound now that I am serving as principal. Wiseman says nothing grows under a banyan tree. It provides shade and is comfortable, but it allows no sun in for growth. Interesting, right? Principals cannot be banyan trees, nor can teachers. If we don’t allow those who we work with to grow our schools and our classrooms become stagnant. The sun can sometimes be harsh, but our buildings should foster risks and provide safe places for everyone to flourish. What does this look like in our classrooms? One of my formers coaches said it best when he told his cross country athletes that it their pace should feel comfortably uncomfortable.


I was honored to be a part of an awards ceremony for some of our second graders today. One of our intervention teachers created special, personalized certificates for the students she had worked with this semester. The smile on their faces were a mile wide and the pride they had in their accomplishments was palpable. The month of May is often seen as testing season in my part of the world, it was good to mix in a little celebration as well.



The dividing lines are set, green versus white. Don’t be tardy, collect canned goods, and read lots of books to earn maximum points for your team before the big day of events later this month. Field day is such a memorable experience for everyone, it’s good to see citizenship and academics are a part of the fun.