What would happen if animals wore clothes?

Take a walk down the first grade hallway and find out. Apparently it is not a good idea 🙂



Some would argue that one of the highest levels of thinking happens when you infer. It was great to see first graders working with this skill this morning. What happens when 12 cookies were baked, 5 were left, and some had a belly ache? Ask some from Ms. Parker’s class, they know.

Is it teaching or coaching?

I was reading an article today that made me think about what I see in classrooms at Condit all the time. The author of the article said ‘having someone invested in what you do is the best cure for slacking off’. Sometimes it’s about instructing your students, but so often it is about encouraging and believing in them. The quote is from a running magazine, but the sentiment rings true in our classrooms as well.

Which beak?

I learned the different uses for different types of beaks today. If there was only hard shelled food left on the Galapagos island which type of bird would be best suited to adapt and survive? Ask a 5th grader from Ms. Cornejo’s class, they know.