It’s musical time

I’m looking forward to heading back to school tonight to see our talented students shine outside the classroom. Our ancillary teachers do a fantastic job of helping students realize talents they may have never known they had. One way is the musical, tonight 4th grade will sing, dance, and play the recorder. Add some audience participation and its bound to be a good time.



Ms. Campbell and Ms. Pruetz showed me a great site they are using with our third through fifth graders. Wonderopolis is a site that shares a wonder of the day. You will be amazed at the fascinating facts you find, our students have gobbled up the facts on this site and have been sharing what they have learned via Edmodo. I am so happy our students have computer lab as an ancillary rotation. Condit Lab Rocks!

*just ask a Condit student, I’m certain they will agree.

Everything needs a mobile version

When considering the new blogging platform that I was going to use in light of posterous shutting down one of the most important features, to me, was a mobile version. I’m starting to think that nearly every tool needs a mobile version given the ubiquity of iPhones and other devices that people use to create content. What does this have to do with Condit? It seems to me that as we consider the places education is going and the tools students will be using in the near future we need to think not only about HOW they will utilize technology but also WHEN. What it comes down to is if the device can only be used in the classroom then it might not meet our future needs. Need more proof? I’m blogging from a park bench!