If you’ve been watching the twittersphere you may have noticed the trend over the last few years for folks to participate in the my one word movement.  The idea is to eschew a list of new year’s resolutions in favor of a single word, a single focus that you will center on during the upcoming year.  I kicked around the idea of participating last year, I even picked out a word and everything, but by the time I was ready to act on it enough time had gone by that I figured I had waited too long and kept the idea to myself.  This year, with a little inspiration from a principal down the street @m_squaredBHS I’m going to give mine a share.


Unfeigned. The idea of being genuine and sincere is important to me.  I have the good fortune of being in a position where I get to work with all different types of people, of all different ages, that carry very different lenses on how they believe the world around them should work; I want my interactions with them to be real.  This isn’t the same as simply being direct, but it does mean that the idea of ‘sugarcoating’ an important idea is one that I want to work to avoid.  

I am sometimes guilty of taking the scenic way around a topic, this year I want to focus on making that trip shorter.  Difficult conversations, or discussions when there is obvious disagreement, shouldn’t undermine my ability share my concerns in a way that is honest and heartfelt.  The thought of someone walking away from an interaction with me and disagreeing I can live with, the thought of that person believing I was being insincere I cannot.

There is a deep connection between being genuine and Habit 3 putting first things first; when we focus on what matters most and we make that the focal point of conversation then our sincerity shows through.  When I think of the worst type of conversations I think about a person who is dismissive, I think about a person whose main goal is to prove themselves correct and/or to end the conversation as quickly as possible.  Discussions tend to go sideways when there is an obvious lack of investment.

Is this whole #oneword bit going to be a game changer for me?  Not sure.  You can count on me to let you know, sincerely.




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