Condit’s Groundbreaking Ceremony

Below are my remarks from the groundbreaking ceremony this past weekend.

I had been thinking about how to best describe my feelings this morning and I keep coming back to two words – challenge and opportunity.

I asked my son what he thought the difference was between the two words and he told me that opportunities are given to you and challenges you have to take.  Not bad for an 11 year old, right?  I would, in fact, argue the exact converse – often times challenges are what you are given; what we find ways to overcome and opportunities are what we need to grab hold of when they come along.

Perhaps it’s all very ‘chicken and the egg’ – opportunities will always come with certain challenges, and by tackling these challenges we create further opportunities.

Our opportunity has been to work as a team to design a state of the art building; our challenge will be maximizing the potential of those spaces with our learners.

We have also had the opportunity to create flexible learning spaces to allow for new teaching and learning paradigms; our challenge has been designing a new type of “21st century school” that doesn’t currently exist in HISD.

To invoke our Leader in Me ideals – this opportunity required us to put first things first as well as begin with the end in mind, our challenge will be to synergize in our new building and maximize it’s potential.

Either way, I’m incredibly excited to break ground this morning and even more excited to begin our building in earnest next month.

While we will miss the character of our old building, our biggest win is that we get to bring our teachers, students, families, and community with us.  And with those assets, we’re sure to turn all of our challenges into unique opportunities.


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