I’m reading the latest book from Dan and Chip Heath, Decisive.  The Heath brothers do a phenomenal job of looking at the intricacies of how we think.  Their previous books Made to Stick and Switch tackle the ideas of some ideas stay with us and how people go about managing change, but I digress.  The first villain of decision making that they introduce is narrow framing, or the way in which we define our choices narrowly.  In many cases we fall prey to this or that thinking when we only see a fork in the road as opposed to several paths we can take.  It made me think about how we ask students to make decisions in the classroom, do we foster this type of narrow framing with our students?  Do we create learning experiences that allow them to widen their frame, or is class a series of this or that scenarios?  I have considered the same question regarding the decisions I make as an administrator – how do I avoid narrowing the frame?  


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