news flash: spelling can be fascinating!

Spelling has clearly changed, quite a bit, from when I was a kid.  I sat in on a 3rd grade class this morning and the rules and methods they already knew about spelling would outpace my own knowledge in a heartbeat.  I’ll be frank, while it’s no fun admitting that an 8 year old could run circles around you in spelling, I couldn’t be happier 🙂  In eduction we are always talking about the ‘why’ factor.  When most of us think about this we are talking about bigger picture topics, we relegate spelling to a category of other mundane topics like…oh I don’t know…toothbrushing.  

Upon further review, it appears spelling can teach us a lot about learning.  The universal concepts of ‘systems and ‘rules’ comes immediately to mind.  It’s not about spelling the word correctly, it’s about employing systems and looking, logically, at rules that made this spelling lesson interesting to me.  These systems and rules can be applied to all sorts of other academic areas.  

When I was a kid I got the spelling list on Monday, did a few hum-drum activities with that list during the week, and then tried to regurgitate the correct spelling on Friday.  Man, I feel cheated 🙂


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