being the new kid

Being the new person on campus I tend to have a bit of a deficit view.  Especially having a role that is unique, not a classroom teacher and not and administrator.  A nameless guy who students see in the hallways, classrooms and cafeteria but few have been bold to enough to ask ‘who are you?’ (side note: it appears 2nd and 4th grade girls are the least shy about doing just that). I fixate on some of the downsides of walking in to a close knit community of teachers, parents and students; I worry a bit.  At 3:00pm today, just as the kids were making their way out a student said something to me that I hadn’t heard in nearly 3 years, and it completely made my day.  It made me remember all the great things about getting to become part of a close knit community and made my worries seem small.  You know what that student said?  “Bye Mr. Greenberg”.  Pretty cool.


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